Edgar Allan Poe 's Influence On American Literature Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe’s many contributions to American literature include poetry (which was Poe’s favorite), many short stories, and a book of scientific theory, a novel, a textbook, book reviews and hundreds of book reviews. Generally accepted Poe was the inventor of the modern day detective story, also that Poe was a driving force behind the science fiction genre, yet Poe made his living as a critic and theoretician (poemuseum.org). Poe lived a short, yet very sad, dismal life. Poe’s writings reflect the sad experiences of his short life. Edgar Allan Poe lived January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts and died October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. David Poe, his father and an actor, and his mother and an actress, Elizabeth Arnold brought Poe into this world. Within a year his father abandoned the family, and his mother died the following year. He was taken in, by John Allan and his wife Frances. Poe was renamed Edgar Allan, but was never formally adopted. Poe lived in England for 5 years and attended the best schools there. From there Poe and his family moved back to Virginia, where Poe attended the University of Virginia for less than a year. John Allan had decided to minimally fund Poe’s education, so Poe ran into debt early and tried gambling to make money but he only went further into debt. Allan said he would not honor Poe’s gambling debt so Poe had to drop out. Another confrontation with John Allan, and Poe was ordered out of the Allan house. Poe then moved in with his…

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