Edgar Allan Poe 's Depth Essay

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Understanding Poe in depth Edgar Allan Poe was an American author who wrote in a dark romantic tone. As a writer he wasn’t as successful as he was after his death. Poe 's short stories were based on gory self humour. Poe had many tragedies in his life. Most of the people he loved in his life left him or died. Due to these tragedies Poe 's stories were often dark. Poe creates a unity of effect in each one of his stories. Some of his short stories leave readers questioning what will happen next and others stories leave readers asking themselves: “did he really just write such a story”. Through Poe 's cold hearted tone and first person narrative, he sets a dark mood.
Poe creates a dark mood on his short story “Black Cat”. Poe uses a cold hearted tone when he talks about killing the cat and his wife. It is cold hearted because he does not hesitate once while writing such cruel things. The narrator of the short story says “hung it because I knew that in so doing I was committing a sin”(110) to prove that he could do absolutely anything he wanted. Despite knowing how harmful his actions were, he did it to be soulless. He was trying to prove he could do whatever it took to show the world he was reckless. The narrator had done such awful things and he knew everything in his life was falling apart however, the cat was the last thing in his life that believed in him, but the narrator could not get a grasp on that. Instead he just killed…

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