Edgar Allan Poe 's Dark Writing Style Essay

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The Many Mysteries of the Author of Darkness
Edgar Allan Poe’s dark writing style suggests that he was a depressed, sadistic, and demonic man, but some aspects of his writings and his life can be misleading. He was the author of a number of poems and stories, which told of demons, madness, darkness, and evil deeds. But Despite popular belief that Poe was a depressed atheistic man, Poe was actually a normal, God-fearing Christian, who was slightly self conscious, and was ravaged by hardship and traumatic events. Edgar Allan Poe’s life was filled with many hardships and misfortune. He was born on January 19, 1809, to David and Elisabeth Allan Poe, in Boston Massachusetts. About a year after Poe was born his father mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from by the family again. About a year later in 1811 his mother tragically died of tuberculosis right in front of his eyes. One popular theory is that, the death of Poe’s mother was the root for Poe’s self consciousness and overall ability to formulate the dark scenes portrayed throughout his poems and stories. After his mother’s death, he became the foster son of John Allan, which is why Poe is known as Edgar Allan Poe. Eventually, after being discharged from the army, Poe and his foster parents dropped all contact, aside from the occasional letter from Poe asking for money (usually to pay off gambling debts).Later on in life Poe married a woman merely 14 years of age who also happened to be his cousin. In 1847 she,…

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