Essay on Edgar Allan Poe 's Annabel Lee & This Strange Labyrinth

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Poetry is a writing style that is used to an expression of feels and ideas. It has some has a patterned rhythm to it, and others are free verse. Poems are used to tell a story, tell history, feelings, convey meanings, what the narrative sees, and more. Poems have nature of elements in them like in songs and also have a meaning that author what to share in their works. All poems have its differences and similarities to them. For example Edgar Allan Poe 's poem "Annabel Lee" and Mary Sidney Wroth 's "In this Strange Labyrinth." I am going to compare and contrast these two poems. A first glance both are excellent poems but are real differences with a little similarity. When analysis a person work it starts by who is the author and what style they write in.
Edgar Allan Poe was a writer born in 1809 and died in 1849. He bought a new style of writing in his period. His central theme many of his works were the Gothic terror. His works have a dark horror, detective, and mystery items was not a subject that other writers would do. His also wrote about the taboo subject in society. For explain of the hinting contact of incest in his short called "The House of Usher." At this period people would want to read about optimistic theme works. Poe was one of the first prismatic works. "Annabel Lee" was published in 1849.
Mary Sidney Wroth was a write born in 1587 and guess to died in 1653. She was the first women to write a sonnet sequence and pose fiction stories. Her uncle was an English…

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