Edgar Allan Poe 's A Great Hypothesis Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe: several critics claim that this man is a wannabe literary author. Because Poe tends to build a fearsome mood throughout his narratives, and strives his best to do so, people are apt to overlook the beauty of Poe’s structure and creativity in his writings. A great hypothesis to why Poe always writes such disturbing tales comes straight from an article written by Carl Goldberg. According to a section of “The Secret that Guilty Confessions Fail to Disclose”, “writing served for Poe as a reflection of his inner being” (Goldberg, 181). Poe seemed to write about many distressed individuals and thoughts; by doing this, he tends to represent his characters as his own self. Because of his writing methods, “Poe was able to provide a brilliant torch to illuminate the dark side of personality” (qtd. in Goldberg, 181). It is very agreeable that when individuals write from what is inside their hearts, magnificence flows throughout their stories. In Poe’s case, however, it is only a different type of magnificence. In January of the year 1843, Poe created one of the most popular short stories he has ever written. This gothic fiction is inspirational in the literature portion of society, and even the psychological part. Poe may have very well changed how writers and psychologists view tales. Poe created an insane fight between his narrator’s id and superego, and, sometimes the character’s ego even played a role. The name of this legendary fiction that seems to be…

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