Edgar Allan Poe 's A Dream Essay

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A Dream “But a waking dream of life and light/ Hath left me broken-hearted.”(3-4). In his lyrical poem, “A Dream,” Edgar Allen Poe introduces a dream to involve the past. In this dream, he shows that someone he loved has past away and broke his heart, and the only way he can see them is through his dreams. In the Romantic Period in American Literature, Edgar Allan Poe uses gothic style in his poem “A Dream”. Through capitalization, end rhyme, and tone, Poe lets the reader know the feelings through the dream that is shared. Despite Poe’s boisterous life, his effort mirrors other authors during the Romantic Period in American Literature. Poe uses his experiences in life to write his morbid poems that many enjoy. “A Dream” accommodates illustrations that mirror the Romantic Characteristics, such as the fascination of death and the supernatural. In the first stanza, Poe emphasizes that someone had shattered his heart through death. “In visions of the dark night/ I have dreamed of joy departed.”(1-2) He uses the word departed to refer to the death of someone he dearly cherished. The death and supernatural is a characteristic that is frequently used in Poe’s work, as it is in “A Dream”. In the poem “A Dream”, the speaker is someone who lost their dearly beloved by death. Poe titled his poem “A Dream” exposing the subject of the poem, which allowed the reader to think positive while reading but being destroyed by the morbidness. For example, in stanza 1, “But a waking dream of…

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