Edgar Allan Poe 's A Dream Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American author who wrote mainly about romance. Poe struggled through out his life because he had little income due to the fact that he was only a author. However, Poe was very clever with his words and how he would use them, place them and play on them. In the poem "A Dream Within a Dream ' Poe uses metaphor, rhyme hyperbole, and symbolism to get his point across that life is short and you need to grasp it quick and tightly. The title its self is a metaphor for imagination. Poe uses this to show how deeply many of us need to think and we need to open our minds to greater things. A dream within a dream represents that Poe life is simply imagined and he imagined it as something great, alter in life he realizes that life is miserable and it is very cruel and rude. Poe also uses metaphor within these lines, " And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand--" I beleive that what poe means by this is that people aresmall in this world, there are so many that they all just slip away as if they are sand. Poe uses the term "gold" to show to us that this is a metaphor for people. I made this conclusion becasue gold usually means special, therefore humans are special. Sand is so little that they fall amongst your hands and back onto the earth, just depositing to a new place on earth never to be seen again, now you have lost it, chances are you may never see that grain of sand in your life again. Poe also beautifully creates ryme in the poem. You can…

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