Edgar Allan Poe And Washington Irving Essay

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In literature, there is a cornucopia of authors whose works are arguably more different than they are similar. However, even through the seemingly stark contrast of various authors, there are similarities that are way too often overlooked or just unconsidered. Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving were authors most renowned for their short stories during the Romantic Era of literature, each having their own unique style. Poe was known for his use of horror and the dark characteristics of human nature, and Irving for his use of fantasy and humor of different varieties. Two seemingly different approaches to literature by two seemingly different authors . . . or so it is thought. In spite of their different literary writing styles, the authors, Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving, are more similar in their approaches to literature than for which they are often accredited.

The literary approach Implemented by both Poe and Irving were in their ways similar. Poe’s technique can be modelled by his essay, “The Philosophy of Composition.” Though Irving didn’t have an essay like Poe’s, he exemplified these approaches in his literature. An emphasis on the importance of shortness in length of a literary work was expressed by Poe, who was considered the creator of the short story. “It appears evident, then, that there is a distinct limit, as regards length, to all works of literary art - the limit of a single sitting . . . “ (Poe). Poe’s approach to the lengths of his literary works…

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