Edgar Allan Poe, An Archetype Of The Romantic Writer Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe, an archetype of the Romantic writer, was one of the first American writers to become a major figure in world literature. Poe focused mainly on the effect the style of the piece had on its readers. By replacing the technical side to the written word, Poe was able to establish a new genre. Frequent themes in Romanticism are: imagination, sensitivity, feelings, spontaneity, freedom, introspection, intuition, individualism, nature, solitude, and emotion. How do examples from texts taken from Poe prove that the most dominant characteristic of the Romantic Movement was the rejection of the rational and the intellectual in favor of the intuitive and the emotional?
The Romantic Movement began as a response to the period of Enlightenment. It, like every other pervasive cultural movement, had its own way of explaining the way the world works. The essential spirit of the Romantic Movement was one of revolt against established laws, traditions, dogmas, and formulas. It praised creativity over reason, emotions over logic, nature over society, and intuition over science. This idealistic focus cleared the way for a vast body of literature of great sensibility and passion. The Romantic writer focused on his character’s passions and inner struggles, emphasizing the examination of human personality, its moods, and mental possibilities. There is a great deal of personal expression in art, but there is also an expression of something outside oneself. When the artist reaches…

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