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Gina the Dancing Queen

Designed for Stage 1 - Year 2
Melissa Martin 220101596

Storysack Contents:
 Storysack
 Contents Page
 Letter to Parents: Storysack;
Introduction, explanation and directions on use.
 ‘Gina the Dancing Queen’ by
Marisa Alo
 ‘Giraffes and Zebras’ by Michael and Jane Pelusey
 Prompt Cards
 Matching Game
 Graphophonic Activity
 Handwriting Activity
 Punctuation Activity
 Talking/Listening Activity
 Felt characters, felt board and props  Character Masks

Letter to Parents/Carers
Dear Parent/Carer,
A storysack is a large cloth bag containing a children's picture book with supporting materials to stimulate language activities and make reading a memorable and enjoyable experience. The storysack
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Pronouns: indicates possession/ownership.
Verb: a doing word.

Gina the Dancing Queen: Matching Game
Game Board

Gina the Dancing Queen: Matching Game
Completed Game

Graphophonic Activity

Gina the Dancing Queen
Graphophonic Activity
Instruction Card:
Contents 5 beginning sound cards
 25 ending sounds cards
 1 graphophonic worksheet
How to PlayThe player is given the five beginning sound cards. The 25 ending sounds cards are placed face down in front of the player. The player picks up a card from the ending sounds card pile and is asked to match it to the beginning sound so they it will form a complete word
Once the player has matched a beginning sound card to an ending sound card they write it down on the worksheet under the correct beginning sound heading.
If the player is able to think of more words that begin with the same sound, they are encouraged to write these down and include them on their worksheet. English K-10 Syllabus Outcome
Uses a variety of strategies, including knowledge of sight words and letter–sound correspondences, to spell familiar words

Graphophonic Activity

Graphophonic Matching Cards:
Match the beginning sound to the sounds that complete the word. Graphophonic Worksheet:
Write the matched words on to the worksheet.

Handwriting Activity

Gina the Dancing Queen
Handwriting Activity
Throughout the story, Gina the Dancing Queen, Gina learns lots

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