Eddie Mabo Case Study

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In 1788, Europeans first discovered and settled in Australia. When Australia was established as a colony of Britain, the conflict between Indigenous people and white people had started. The British tried to displace Aboriginal people from their land. They made lots of policies to get rid of Aboriginal people and tried to assimilate Aboriginal people into ‘white’ society. In 1991, the process of reconciliation formally began and this process has been continuing till now. Although the Indigenous Australians suffered under the Australian government in the past, the federal government has in fact been trying to make up and reconcile with them, because the federal government really feels sorry for what happened to Aboriginal people in the past and …show more content…
As a part of Australia, the Indigenous people should be given the same rights and helped to live with better living conditions. A milestone decision for this was Eddie Mabo case. Eddie Mabo, who was a Torres Strait Islander, had been fighting for their land rights. As a result, on the basis of Reconciliation Australia (2014) ‘On 3 June 1992, the High Court of Australia decided that terra nullius should not have been applied to Australia’. This case is named Mabo decision, which recognized Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ connection with land. It also led to the Australia Parliament passing the native title act in 1993 which is important for granting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights and interests to land. Thus, the federal government gave rights back to Indigenous people. The federal also established some organizations to assist with Indigenous peoples’ lives. In 2009, the Healing Foundation was built for providing Indigenous people with help. It is said that ‘The Healing Foundation has provided funding and support to various community-driven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing initiatives’ (Reconciliation Australia 2014). The initiatives include Education and training. To establish the Healing Foundation, the government invested $26.6 million over four years in the 2009-2010. The Healing Foundation not only applies healing initiatives which supports Indigenous peoples’ lives directly but also appeals to society to heal them together. Supported by the Healing Foundation, the Indigenous people have been healed a lot. The life condition of Indigenous people is getting better and they are being healed with past trauma step by step with the support of the

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