Edaravone Essay

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The need to enhance the drugs’ bioavailability, solubility, stability as well as the duration for the drugs to release their therapeutic effects in human body is recognised by the scientists nowadays. Recently, there are lots of research studies focusing on this area. However, only a few standard routes of edaravone administration are already being discussed. This review thus focuses mainly on the design, optimisation and formulation of microsponge to enhance the significance of edaravone acting in human body. There are a few major topics to be discussed in this review. First, the properties of edaravone and the different routes of administration of edaravone will be focused on as these assist in evaluating the microsponge activity in Sprague Dawley rats. Moreover, the determination on how different routes of drug administration influence the drug’s bioavailability will be carried out. Also, the application of Box-Behnken Design in Response Surface Methodology will be discussed …show more content…
Drug release from NODS was slow, sustained and significantly better as compared to suspension. Also, the second example of novel delivery system is related to the liposomes. Cyclic RCG liposome loaded with edaravone was one of them. This type of liposome was proved to be useful for antidepressant–like effect in experimental rats. Next, submicron-sized liposome (ssLips) loaded with edaravone was found to be helpful in reduction of the number of cell death which was induced by the In-vivo N-methyl-d-aspartate. Also, retinal protection effects of ssLips containing edaravone was found to be more significant than free edaravone. Furthermore, microemulsion containing edaravone was also established. The components inside the microemulsion should be carefully selected so that the potential to maximize the solubility of edaravone in gastrointestinal fluid could be

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