Ed Sheeran Song Poetic Devices

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A song can paint the prettiest picture- or it can destroy it, and give you the most horrid image. How? Songs are simply poetry with an instrumental background. To evoke emotion from the reader and create and image or a mood, a writer might use poetic devises like assonance, similes and repetition. Song uses assonance to mirror or change the mood to match the song, a simile paints a picture for the reader. It helps the audience have a better understanding of the mood and subject matter. Ed Sheeran uses these tools and devices in his song autumn leaves; as he describes his pain through his words. He shows us his emotions and almost makes us feel what he felt when he lost his loved one.
Autumn leaves by Ed Sheeran describe the raw agony that one may go through when dealing with the death of a loved one. 95% of people don’t get over the deaths of their loved ones or people close to them they just learn to cope with the pain. The reason Ed wrote this song is obviously because of the loss of a loved one. He describes his pain through these lyrics and gives us an understanding of what he went through. Sheeran’s song describes the feeling of loss and pain, and also the denial you feel,
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He uses this in his last verse “touch down like a seven four seven stay out and we’ll live forever now”. By using a simile, Sheeran is recapturing the audience’s attention. A simile is used when the writer is trying to make the audience understand where he is coming from. In this case Sheeran is explaining how he feels about finally letting this person go and accepting his or her death, he is explaining landing like you would in a plane he’s saying touch down in heaven and wait for me so we can spend the rest of our lives together, and by the end of the song it’s like he’s accepted that this person has died that he/she is gone and not coming back, and that now he can patiently wait until his time comes for meet him or her again

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