Ed Nursing Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… To counter this problem, monitors indicating the status of the rooms i.e. whether available or not, should be installed near the triage so that patients can be directed to the rooms efficiently. Efficient room assignments along with speedy discharge work can lead to 50% reduction in the wait time before ED nurse assessment i.e. 30 minutes (Exhibit-1).

* Develop a notification system about lab and X-ray reports:
The orthopedist does not know when a patient’s lab and X-ray reports are uploaded in the EMR and checks the EMR at her own time. This leads to a waiting period of 40 minutes while the reports are available just after 15 minutes. The orthopedist should receive a notification whenever a patient’s reports are uploaded in the system. Such notifications will ensure that the orthopedist reviews the reports as soon as they are available and consequently the patients have to wait for the minimum time i.e. 5 minutes instead of 40 minutes (Exhibit-1).

* Develop an inventory monitoring and maintenance
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It usually takes the nurse 5 minutes to access and find the supplies and 2 minutes to set them up on a cart. In addition, the pneumatic tube system is broke and not properly maintained, increasing the time it takes the nurse to walk across the ED to deliver the samples to the lab 5 additional minutes. By locating the supplies in a convenient package and location, and by fixing the pneumatic system and scheduling regular preventive maintenance, drawing blood procedure can be reduced by a total of 12 minutes (Exhibit-1).

* Utilize portable X-Ray machine:
By using the portable X-Ray machine the hospital can save time and unnecessary transportation of the patients, especially those with fracture (Exhibit-2). The wasteful time in patient transportation can be reduced by 10 minutes, since it usually takes 5 minutes to move the patients to and from the Radiology department (Exhibit-1). Furthermore, it is necessary to properly train the radiology technician’s to use the portable X-Ray machine and move across the ED to efficiently test patients.

* Improve customer service through a patient-oriented
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The nurse spend much time entering data into the EMR system to enter patient’s assessment. Due to which patients feel unheard and neglected. The nurses should be given appropriate training to accustom them with the EMR system, helping them to devote more time on information collection and not on information upload on EMR. Secondly, a barcode scanner should be used to recognize patient information in the system rather than using the manual process, which frustrates the patient. The training and the barcode scanning can reduce the process time by 5 minutes

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