Essay on Ecs 101 Class

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Galloway, Karisa
ECS 101
Community Binder

For the Community Resource Binder project I chose to interview Tri-Counties Regional Center about their speech therapy program. Tri-Counties has many different programs that branch off of their business. They help families in need that have children with disabilities. These disabilities can go from speech delay to a child with a mental disability. They have many professionals in the field that go out of their way to help families as best as they can to make life just a little bit easier for them and their child. My daughter and I have personally gotten to experience this ourselves, and I am still very pleased with their services.
Every business has a mission they would like to achieve. With
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The therapist comes out at least two times per week and stays for about an hour. They will meet you almost anywhere; home, park, museum, zoo. This program has personally helped my daughter and I know that it has helped other children as well.
Before the child’s third birthday they do another evaluation to see how far the child has come since they started the program. After the evaluation they decide whether or not they still need to be in the speech program or can move on to something else, or if they don’t need it anymore at all. Sometimes the child needs to be put in articulation class or they have to stay with the speech therapist to get more help because they aren’t progressing. The therapist comes with many different activities that can help the child.
I chose to do this certain interview because of my daughter being in the program and because I had an interest to learn more about it. I definitely felt comfortable with the program and still do. I keep in contact with Heather and also my daughter’s old speech therapist Kirsten. This program has really helped my daughter and I would recommend it to anyone who has a child with a disability. They are very flexible and know exactly what they are doing. You never have a doubt in your mind that the therapist or the program doesn’t know what they are doing. Everyone is so sweet and caring and will do their best to help in any way that they can. I know from experience

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