Ecovillage Case Study

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2) Chief Purpose: This article is a case study commenced to examine social vision, personal and ideological factors associated with the development of the ecovillage at Ithaca and the various dimensions that have created a sustainable lifestyle among the residents within their natural environments. The research was meant to review the modalities of connectedness with the environment and the development of relationships between the Ithaca community, the design of the ecovillage, and the implemented practices the community is engaging in to sustain their environment.
3) Theory/ Theoretical Model/ Hypothesis: There was no focal theory, theoretical model, nor hypothesis as it was a case study and research paper/review of the development and response
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Not only do residence of the ecovillage experience a relationship with the landscape, but also with the community. The community interacts together developing a physical and emotional sustenance. The residents engage together in organic farming, sharing of crops, recycling, as well as other activities in the attempt to reduce their impact on the environment. Personally, I feel this is an important aspect of the analysis/case study as the human race has been overcome by social media and other forms of technology: resulting in a lack of awareness to the importance of human interaction and the impairments such technological advances have on our …show more content…
Many feel that psychologically they possess no significance or that change to their behavior will not make a significant influence, so damaging behavior to the environment continues. However, if individuals throughout the world had a more social and psychological connectedness to the environment, damage to the environment would reduce dramatically. Contemporary societal norms consist of innovations in technology, vehicles, material production, and reproduction all of which continue to influence the environment negatively. In communities like the Ecovillage, the hope is to develop and implement new social norms comprised of a social and psychological connection with the environment, which is formed on the understanding that humanity as a whole is dependent on the sustainability of the

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