Ecosystems Task 1 Essay

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John Hopkins is considered one of the greatest healthcare organizations in the United States of America. The technology John Hopkins possesses is among the most state of the art and cutting edge the healthcare industry has ever seen. However, I believe one particular social event in their history helped shape them to become who they are today. At the beginning of the 20th century John Hopkins toyed with the idea of allowing women to attend medical school. Being the first medical schools to allow this, it was a highly debated subject and many did not agree. They were mostly afraid women could not handle some of the material discussed in class or that it may lead to women not being able to get married. However, in order for them to establish …show more content…
So I strongly believe this one social event, accepting women into the college, impacted not only the growth of John Hopkins but the growth of the healthcare industry worldwide.
John Hopkins mission is to provide excellent healthcare to the community and worldwide. They accomplish this by training medical students not only to practice medicine but to research different health illness and provide the community with tools to prevent them. John Hopkins I believe lives up to their mission statement. They are involved in many different activities in their communities with effort to educate people. For example, John Hopkins holds “ask the expert” sessions allowing people to get information about various forms of cancer, treatments of cancer and also holds a program for children who have parents with cancer. Each month the hospital holds a two hour sessions that provides stroke education. The participants are allowed to get both their blood pressure and heart rate checked. They also give them access to counseling if do not have a doctor. John Hopkins provides help in the community schools as well. Licensed therapists are placed in 15 elementary, middle and high schools in East Baltimore. The therapists are able to consult with principals, teachers and parents about the emotional state of the child during school time. This allow the children more opportunities to be a successful part of school instead of falling thru the cracks which in turn

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