Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change Essay

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Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change: Options

Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change: Options
The Colorado Phantom Canyon Preserve is a beautiful preserve located in North-Central Colorado in the Laramie foothills about 30 miles Northwest of Fort Collins. The Phantom Canyon Preserve is among the greatest Front Range Landscapes totaling about 1,700 acres including six miles of the North Fork of the Cache La Poudre River. The Phantom Canyon Preserve is one of the last remaining canyons without a road among the Colorado’s Front Range. This preserve is home to hundreds of species of wildlife including species of special concern and hundreds of plant species.
The Nature Conservancy protects the Phantom Canyon Preserve since 1987.
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Human activities affect all biogeochemical cycles through the burning fossil fuels and altered nitrogen and phosphorous cycles. Long-term effects on the biogeochemical cycles from human activity that shows significant climate changes will affect in the future.
The Nature Conservancy protects the Phantom Canyon Preserve, which is a United States charitable environmental organization. The sole purpose is to preserve the lands and waters on which all life exists and depends. The Nature Conservancy works all around the world protecting ecosystems necessary to sustain life. According to "National Park Service" (2009), “Logging, grazing, mining, and other human activities have left a legacy of non-native vegetation, eroded soils, and altered fire patterns in our national parks.” (Why do we need to restore ecosystems in National Parks?). They are restoring the preserve by collecting seeds and planting them, and weed management. The Nature Conservancy also is actively working within the community to create beneficial partnerships and relationships to help promote conservation and help management practices.
Some of the park management techniques contributed to the decline of the natural ecosystem, and the continual change in pollution and climate tend to threaten the system as well. The purpose to ecosystem management and restoration is to eliminate the barriers preventing the survival of the natural species

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