Economy and Society Uae Essay

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The UAE currently has one of the fastest growing economies in the world
The GDP of the UAE ranks 30th in the world (At $360 billion in 2012)
Tourism is one of the main sources of revenue in the UAE
Although the UAE has become less dependent on natural resources as a source of revenue... petroleum and natural gas exports still play a crucial role in the development of the economy , especially in Abu Dhabi
A massive increase in construction around the country, expansion of manufacturing activity and a thriving services sector are helping the UAE to make it's economy more diverse.. OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and WTO (World Trade Organization) are the main trade organizations in the UAE with the largest
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The population growth rate is 4% per year. The Hindu and Christian populations are minorities as stated by the United States State Department. The official language is Arabic. Other languages such as English, Persian, Hindi and Urdu are spoken among the different peoples. The U.S. State Department estimates the people of the UAE to have an average life expectancy of seventy-seven years.
Many of the older Emirati men prefer wearing the traditional Emirati clothes, such as the kandoora, an ankle-length white shirt woven from wool or cotton while many local women wear an abaya, a black over-garment covering most parts of the body.On an average a UAE male national would have up to 50 kanduras as they keep changing their clothing to ensure the dress being kept clean.This attire is particularly well-suited for the UAE's hot and dry climate. Western-style clothing is also fairly popular, especially among the Emirati youth.
Etiquette is an important aspect of UAE culture and tradition, and whilst in the UAE, visitors are expected to show appropriate manners and etiquette. There have been several recent cases of expatriates not respecting the laws and being arrested. For example, there have been instances of expats for not wearing enough clothing at beaches, and some even being completely rude.
Before the discovery of oil, pearling formed a crucial part of UAE's economy. Pearl fishery, known as ghaus, suffered decline after the advent of Japanese pearl farming.

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