Economist 's Theory : Theory Essay

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Economist’s theory
From Schumpeter’s theory, Goodman didn’t seem to match any of the entrepreneur’s traits. Early in 1939, rather than being creative destruction, he took a proven path of following popular trends in movies and television. It was proven to be a success by hitting tremendous sale for his first publishes. Rather than destroy establish market, Goodman’s company worked their way up to the top, together with their rival, DC comic. However, Goodman and his team have the ability to create and exploit new ideas. For instance, they created newly naturalistic comics, in which superheroes behaved like ordinary people rather than noble archetypes. It was a huge impact and the creation changed the industry.
Goodman was the one who spotted profitable opportunities and exploited gaps in the market. He expanded his business to film industry and merchandise licensing. The renowned Marvel studio, which makes movies about Marvel superheroes, has been an enormous success, receiving tons of love and support from the audiences. According to box office worldwide record, Marvel’s The Avengers overall gross is currently ranked at 3rd place, just below Avatar and Titanic. Meanwhile Marvel’s Iron Man 3 also ranked at 6th place while none of DC’s movies ranked in top 10, even for the Batman series.
Goodman showed the ability to tolerate risk and exploit the uncertainty. In 1939, he contracted an upstart comic book packaging company (Funnies Inc.) to provide…

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