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One Mr. Sandeep was the owner of a farmhouse situated near the outskirts of Ranchi. This farmhouse was surrounded by agricultural land also owned by him. This entire property used to produce a good amount of pecuniary benefits for Mr. Sandeep. He used to donate a big share of the income generated for various social purposes. He had earned a very good name in the city by such acts of charity. While most of the people of Ranchi praised Sandeep for the acts of kindness, his own family members were not very much in agreement with the actions of Sandeep. However they were helpless as whatever the entire property was, it was all earned by the hardwork and
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Therefore one Manjeet was assigned the duty by Sandeep to finalise the lease in favour of Alok. Manjeet apart from the original document attached one annexure, with the main lease agreement, consisting of a condition that Alok needed to accumulate 1/4th share out of the monthly benefits arising from the property for the maintenance of the children of Alok. Whereas Sandeep had never himself put this condition into the deed, this was later on included into by Manjeet himself. Thereafter Alok went ahead and made Sandeep aware about the imposing a condition, who never objected to the imposing of such condition. In addition Sandeep, for the remaining 1/3rd of the property, gifted it to Priya, while directing her to accumulate 1/10th of the income generated from the property for the purpose of creating a corpus for the sex-workers of a ill-famed locality of the city.
Mala contended that the direction, to her, to accumulate from the benefits of the property for the beggars cannot be put into the exception into section 18. Alok although was not very much keen to oppose the direction of maintenance, went ahead and contended that Manjeet cannot be said to be having the authority to put in the condition without the express knowledge and direction of Sandeep. Additionally Priya also contended strongly against the direction to create a corpus for the sex-workers. They

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