Economics Of College Sports : An Overview Essay

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Unlike many books that are written or edited by one author the Economics of College Sports was edited by two people John Fizel and Rodney Fort; also, the book was published in 2004. To start with, the first part of the book only contains one chapter which is called “Economics of College Sports: An Overview”. The first part of five parts in the Economics of College Sports the book addresses what exactly it will be talking about throughout the book using empirical and theoretical research to address controversial issues with college sports. In the first chapter the author explains how big of a business college sports is and introduces questions that shape the organization of the book. Part two of the Economics of College Sports is called “Structure of College Sports and the University Mission”. Part two has three chapters that provide insight on the structure of college athletics. First, is “The 1997 Restructuring of the NCAA: A Transaction of Cost Explanation”. In the first chapter the author talks about how the restructuring of the NCAA to try and instill power to the universities and attempted to stabilize college sports. The second chapter of part two is called The Impact on Higher Education of Corruption in Big-Time College Sports. In this chapter they talk about how many athletes education may be altered by the school supposedly not providing college level material. Chapter four is the last chapter of part two and it is called Motivating of College Athletes. In chapter…

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