Economics And Finance At The Sacramento State Essay

1122 Words Jul 5th, 2016 null Page
I am currently studying in Economics and Finance at the Sacramento State. In my academic work, I found myself particularly excited about investment and corporate finance-related subjects. As for my learning expectations for this class, I am looking forward to engaging in a writing environment where I can practice my planning and revision based on suggestions from professors and group members. I would like to see myself developing an awareness of how my major conducts their research in the field and how they prepare their writings. Throughout the class, I have been able to expand my understanding on how proper wording can change the effectiveness of writing and learned to organize my thoughts and ideas and fit them into my writing as well as the skills to express and prove a point.
Before this class, my writing process tends to look over how other peers and academic journalists have published in the field. Then I will reflect on my knowledge and possible topics that I want to explore for the assignments. If one argument sounds right for me and the assignments, I will start to construct my introduction and create a link between the two. If the introduction is constructed, I proceed to search for strong points and connections that were emphasized in the introduction and elaborate on each point in the following paragraph with examples as my body paragraph support and development. Once the body paragraphs are completed, then I create my conclusion based on the introduction and…

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