Essay about Economic Trends : Tapas - Hot And New

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Economic Trends:
Tapas – Hot and New From personal experience and interest, I have noticed the influx of tapa and tapa-inspired bars and restaurants. These places are developing just like the sushi trend has been developing over the past decade or so. All at once there was something different that offered smaller, more affordable, and usually healthier, options for eats. Tapas are aimed at locals and tourists seeking out small bites or meals that they can enjoy with their, usually, wine. Tapas are a specialized casual dining experience. At this point in time, there are relatively few tapa places, despite the fact that several have recently opened and several more have been announced to open in Central Florida, at least. So, it would be relatively easy to exploit the opportunity of creating your own tapa setting. It offers a reduced menu and can even be operated in small settings. Having travelled to Spain, I have experienced the tapa setting in the local market and have seen the highly successful market with both locals and tourists.
Craft Beer Bars – Ever growing selection We all can recognize the rise in craft beer and microbreweries. Yet, the prohibitive cost of starting a microbrewery has stagnated that route. Craft beer bars offer a lower cost alternative with comparable strong interest and following from the public. The success of World of Beer franchises and Orlando’s Redlight Redlight shows the interest in this growing trend. These businesses offer more…

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