Essay Economic Systems of Different Countries

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Economic Systems of Different Countries


The Government of Canada is a Federal Parliamentary Democracy and a member of the Common Wealth. The Prime Minister of Canada is the Honorable Jean
Chretien. The Deputy Prime Minister is Sheila Copps and the Governor General is
Romeo LeBlanc. There are five major political parties in Canada they are; the
Progressive Conservatives, the Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, the Reform
Party, and the Bloc Quebecois. The GNP per capita (1991) was $19,934 (in millions). The annual GNP growth was 3.4%. The amount of GNP for defence was 2.2%. The majority of workers in Canada are in the Service field (73%), Industry has 23% of the workers, and Agriculture has the remaining 4%
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Japan is an island in which level ground is a scarcity and as a result, so is agriculture. Japan is a country with limited Natural Resources. Japan imports raw materials and then transforms them into finished products which it then exports around the world. Japan's only natural resources are Fish and Limestone. The three main Agricultural products grown are rice, potatoes, and sugar beets.
Japan's major industries include Iron/Steel, Cement, and Paper. Since fish is a major part of

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