Economic Stratification And The Middle Class Essay

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Economic stratification refers to the condition within a society where the upper, middle, and lower social classes are separated along economic lines. A good example of this would be what many people buy in abundance. Clothes. When walking into a public school, you are able to perfectly understand the definition of economic stratification. Schools have their own little hierarchical world inside an even bigger one. In many public schools, what you wear determines who you may and may not hang out with. There are those who wear clothes that are hand-me-downs, or that are from Goodwill or the Salvation Army. This would put you in the lower class, both in school and the outside world. These people tend to stick together. Middle class students may get their clothes from JC Penny, Stage, or clothing chains such as these. These children are in the middle class, and may at times “hang out” with whomever they want. The upper class kids get clothes that are designer brands, such as Gucci and P!nk. This is a reflection of the lives of their parents, who provide them with these clothes. People love to flaunt the wealth that they have, and what’s another way to show the world all that they have? Houses are another good way to show what type of class a person is in. We all know that the biggest and most beautiful houses that are out there, are owned by celebrities, tycoons, or inventors. These homes are extravagant to the extreme in many cases. They may have inside and outside pools,…

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