Essay on Economic Situation And The Current Educational System

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China has developed extremely in the last 30 years. However, many countries including the mainland of China are facing the challenge of high youth unemployment. The Social Science institution of the Chinese Academy argues that the youth unemployment will have social, political and economic impacts on all aspects of the country (The Social Science institution of Chinese Academy. N.B).

This essay will discuss the major reason, which causes the high youth unemployment from two aspects, economic situation and the current educational system nowadays. Furthermore, it discusses the most effective response to this issue and the possible consequences when implementing these responses.

The unemployment rate of the world is getting worse. In the developed economies, the rate of youth unemployment is approximately 18.1 percent. For instance the Germany was 9 percent, however, half of young people are jobless in Spain and Greece. Even though Asia has the lowest youth unemployment in the world, the ILO (International Labor Organization) found that, less and less youth could find job easily (CNBC, 2014). According to the official figures from Chinese government, the youth unemployment stood at 4.1 percent in 2010, and then rose to the 4.6 in 2013. The number of college graduates will achieve 6000000 in 2013. It means, nearly 7 million graduates will leave the school to enter the workforce directly. (CNCB, 2014). The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, demanded that the government…

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