Economic Sectors Essay

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Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012–2017)
Economic Sectors

Volume II

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List of Figures List of Tables List of Boxes List of Acronyms List of Annexures 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Agriculture Industry Energy Transport Communication Rural Development Urban Development Other Priority Sectors

vii viii xii xiv xxv 1 51 130 195 258 286 318 362

12.1 12.2 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 13.5 13.6 13.7 13.8 14.1 14.2 14.3 15.1 15.2 15.3 16.1 16.2 16.3 16.4 17.1 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.5 18.1 18.2 Growth and Fluctuations in GDP Agriculture and Allied All India Average Real Daily Wage Rate at 2011–12 Prices (` Per Day) Contribution of Manufacturing to GDP Very Low in India India and Global Manufacturing States New Approach to Industrial Policy Focus on Sectors as well as Cross-cutting Issues Strategy for Land Issues Description of Land Acquisition Process Two Connected ‘Tracks’ for Implementation and Systems’ Improvement Capability Map Exploration Blocks awarded in NELP Rounds Renewable Power Capacities, Top Five Countries, 2010 Cost of Renewable Energy Technologies Per MW Existing and Proposed Thermal Power Plants on National Waterways National Waterway-2 Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project Telephone Subscribers Growth during 2007–12 Distribution of Urban and Rural Subscribers Number of Telephone and Broadband Connections Mobile Tariff Trends V/s Growth in Mobile Subscribers in India (1999–2012) Access to Household Amenities in Rural India (2001 to 2011) Households

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