Economic Justice Is Important For The Way Society Works Today

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Economic Justice is something that is crucial to the way society works today. Therefore it can be evaluated by deontology. This is because each citizen has a duty to economic justice, a right to earn money in order to provide, and consequences for not contributing or not providing. Deontology works best when evaluating economic justice because it focuses on the right and duties, as well as, the consequences.
Deontology pertains because economic justice is about citizen’s right to be involved in unlimited work beyond just the economic part. It allows each citizen to also work on the things that engage the mind and spirit. For instance, a construction worker may have a construction job, but also coach basketball and work as a church leader. This is the citizens right to have more than one job, even when it is for other reasons besides economics. While many citizens have the right to a nice home, health insurance, and extracurricular things to do for fun, very few actually have the money or resources to do so. That is because most of our citizens are in poverty or in the middle class. They struggle to keep their homes and pay for food while other people who have more money they know what to do with face no struggle at all. There is no social justice if one person who has no money will never be able to work on things that involve the spirit and mind, while another person who is rich never has to work for economic reasons. The consequences of this unfair treatment lead to the…

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