Economic Issue Essay

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Title of Issue: Progress under Aquino but more reforms needed- Foreign Bizmen
Date of Issue: March 1, 2016
Source of Issue: Rappler (Business Economy Watch)
Instructor: Mr. Jerry Mabag
Name of Student: Ma. Francesca Paulina D. Serrano BSBA MM2

Foreign business executives say that Philippines BPO, infrastructure, manufacturing, and tourism are sectors where progress has been made in policy and economic reforms. The Aquino Administration made such improvements in the reforms sought by the largest coalition of foreign investors in the country but economic growth under its watch has not yet decease the numbers of unemployment and underemployment in the Philippines.
The Joint Foreign Chambers of the Philippines
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The Aquino Administration had done a lot of improvements and changes for the growth of our economy. It is also said that our country is nearing to a stable status which means we are accelerating and our country has a progress in this past years. The improvements done are particularly focused on international affairs or in foreign companies that will invest in our country that will help us keep up in this competitive world, survive the advancement of technology and to be able to grow as an independent nation.
We increased in tourism because there is a huge increased in the percentage of foreigners travelling and having their vacation here in our country and one of the reason why we are chosen because all of our tourist spots are well advertised, lots of investors from different countries and resources so does its beauty are well maintained and manage. They are attracted to visit and experience the said tourist spots not only for its bewitching beauty but also the unique culture of Filipinos which they like especially the Filipino values and strong faith.
It also done a lot of changes in infrastructures, old buildings which are historical are planning to renovate to maintain and preserve its historical value to be able to past it to the next generation. Making and having projects such as new LRT trains to be used and new railway station to develop so does in the improvements of old bridges and

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