Economic Inequality In India

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Register to read the introduction… Right from the founding fathers like Jawaharlal Nehru, almost every leader has been accused of being from the higher castes and not doing anything for the others. Dalit (lower caste) leader B.R.Ambedkar made reforms against untouchability among other reforms but even leaders who claim to be his followers to get the votes of the lower castes do nothing for them. Mayavati, former chief minister of one of the most backward states in the country, Uttar Pradesh, and the leader of Dalits has been repeatedly criticized on accounts of corruption and other issues. Her lavish expenses are an embarrassment to the state which has the highest poverty rate, crime rate and poor health facilities. Mayavati had over a hundred monumental statues of herself erected all over the state. She makes about $200,000 a month and was recently felicitated by her party with a garland made out of notes of indian currency to the tune of $11,000. US officials leaked that she sent a private jet to another city to get her a pair of shoes. While accusations are investigated in India, no politician has ever been put behind bars. Any money that the state puts into schemes that are meant to help the poor never reaches the poor due to inefficiency and corruption. The only people who benefit from the state are the 1% and the political leaders …show more content…
The state uses fear, guilt and regulation to obtain all of its goals. The issues with Hinduism begin with the fact that it is so deeply rooted in the caste system. Hindu Nationalist political parties continually stir up Hindu sentiment in order to get a majority of votes. The BJP( Bharatiya Janata Party, a hindu nationalist political party) claims that Hinduism is in danger and that it needs to be protected from other minorities. Dating back to pre-independence India, the caste system provided every benefit to the higher castes and was atrocious to the lower castes and untouchables and caused them to convert to Islam and Christianity who promoted equality. This further helps BJP portray the minorities as outsiders. Hindu Nationalist leaders caused massive riots in India following the demolition of a mosque. Scores of muslims lost their lives and the result of this religion based political campaign was that the BJP won the election with the highest amount of votes. India has continually proved that its democracy is a sham and much of its goals are obtained by fear. In 2012, following a statewide shutdown to honor the death of a political leader, a girl put up a status on Facebook talking about how it was unnecessary. The same day, 40 men from the same political group vandalized her house and had her and a friend

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