Economic Incentives And Its Effects On Caldwell County Essay

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The Use of Economic Incentives and Its Effects on Caldwell County In America, tax incentives have been used ever since the country’s inception. Although there has been some controversy surrounding the use of incentives, they are states use them stringently in attracting lucrative corporations within their respective borders. With these economic policies, there have been some very positive results. In South Carolina, the state was successful in luring a large automobile corporation, BMW. BMW gave the state a large factory, including a whopping 500 jobs. North Carolina has used, both successfully and otherwise. It is not known as to what city or state first began using incentives. Only four states have adopted an aggressive economic policy towards incentives, and North Carolina is one of them. As far as North Carolina is concerned, as a whole, unemployment rates in Wake County and Mecklenburg County is at 4.2% and 4.9%, respectively. However, the official state unemployment rate is 5.5% and Caldwell County’s unemployment rate is at 5.9%. (U.S. Census Bureau) According to Gary Robertson 86% of the money awarded from the JDIG (Job Development Incentive Grant) program has gone to urban-dominated counties. What is the solution to this economic disparity? Gary Robinson of the Associated Press reports from Citizen-Times that lawmakers in North Carolina’s General Assembly have discussed the issue. A bill has been proposed to award data storage centers, located in Caldwell,…

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