Economic Impacts Of The European Industrial Revolution In The North

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European Industrial Revolution in the North As the Industrial Revolution began to gain some momentum during the 1780’s, it would bring a myriad amount of changes to Europe. The Industrial Revolution is known as a transition to new manufacturing processes, which include the development of new technological advances. Hand tools were being replaced and a transition of new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes would occur. Not only did this economic transformation bring along a social transformation in which there was a population boom and a shift in demographics but also political changes as well. This research paper looks at the significant shift of industry and the geographic shift in European economy. This research draws upon mostly secondary sources and involves discovering why the European Industrial Revolution spread only south of the Alps and to the north. Industrialization resulted as an increase in population and urbanization as a …show more content…
The development of a middle class created great opportunities for education and democratic participation. The greater the democratic participation the more likelihood for a powerful movement to occur for social reform. Industrialization gave rise to global inequality because industrialized countries viewed poor countries as markets for their manufactured products. Britain would exploit its overseas colonies to resources and markets and Imperialism would emerge. Imperialism is the need for resources to supply the factories of Europe, and the development of new markets around the

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