Essay On The Reconstruction Era

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The United States of America is an economical powerhouse, but it was not always like that, and between 1865-1880, everything changed. Affluence in a country is not earned not given, and the reconstruction era left an immense impact on the future of wealth. Natural resources, farming and new industries as well as the rise of entrepreneurialism were all key factors in developing wealth throughout the country. America was among many of the economic leaders of the world, however there were disparities between the wealth throughout the country, and the wealth on paper. Discoveries, advancements and expansion would headline the reconstruction era, and help create a powerful country which would only continue to grow.

During the reconstruction era, the use of natural resources began to escalate extremely quickly, and this allowed for new economic breakthroughs, which had never before been prevalent. It all began with iron and coal. Iron would be used for transformation into steel, and coal would help fuel the industries which were about to catapult. Steel would last 10 years on the railroad, whereas iron would only last 2 years, and it became a sought after material. The bessemer process, which was first exploited by steel mogul, Andrew Carnegie, allowed for iron to be
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Natural resources, agriculture advances and new industries in addition to soaring entrepreneurs were all crucial factors which can be attributed to America’s wealth. The inequality of wealth is exceedingly perceptible in America, however this should not belittle the economy which the reconstruction era helped to create. It is hard to imagine The United States, a country of such high economic caliber without wealth, but the country did begin from very little, and the reconstruction era helped to construct

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