Economic Growth Of Chin Shanghai Essay examples

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When people talk about China, almost the first city they think of is Shanghai. Shanghai has been one of the most important cities for hundreds years because of its seaports. Nowadays, with the economic growth of China, Shanghai has become one of the most important financial centers around the world. Therefore, more and more people are willing to come to visit this ever-bright city. As a native resident, I would recommend tourists to visit three places, which are Lujiazui Financial Center, People’s Square, and Tian Zi Fang. To begin with, Lujiazui Financial Center is the most significant area in Shanghai, which contains thousands of companies from diverse countries such as Bayer, Mitsubishi, and ThyssenKrupp. Every time I enter the area, all of the skyscrapers and neon light around me make me notice what a real modern city feels like. Technology shows the creative and unique design of every building. What’s more, Lujiazui Financial Center contains four significant landmarks of Shanghai, which are the four tallest skyscrapers in the city center. The four buildings are called Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Building, Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower. Shanghai Tower is a 128-floor building that was built in 2014 and it is the second highest building all around the world. Tourists can see the entire landscape of Shanghai from the top of each building. Shanghai is also famous for night view. All of the skyscrapers have unique lights and advertising board,…

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