Essay on Economic Growth And Poverty Of Nigeria

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At People First, we believe that our objective will greatly increase the economic growth and decrease rural poverty and hunger in Nigeria. So thus, decreasing the gap of economic and social inequality between the urban and rural population in exchange for the decrease in the percentage of Nigerians who live below the poverty line. At People First, we believe that our objective will develop Nigeria into an agricultural powerhouse in Africa becoming self-sufficient in production, but also increasing in exporting products to neighboring countries and decreasing in imports. At People First, we believe that with our new modernized system will turn agriculture in Nigeria into the new “oil well”.

Component 2 : Infrastructure Objective: At People First our objective is to facilitate agricultural development in rural Nigeria and to encourage infrastructure construction can be an essential part for the development of the agriculture. Infrastructure made a net contribution of around one percentage point to Nigeria’s improved per capita growth performance in recent years, in spite of the fact that unreliable supplies held growth back. Middle-income countries can be easily boosted annual growth when they raise their country 's infrastructure endowment. Compared to other African countries, Nigeria has relatively advanced power, road, rail that cover the national territory quite extensively. But one problem has to be mentioned is that “the power sector’s operational efficiency and…

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