Economic Globalization And Sociocultural Globalizations Essay examples

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There was “intense competition between the two Koreas has been for the recognition and support of Koreans overseas.” After the end of Korean War, DPRK government got more support due to putting more resources to Compatriots. However, after 1970s, ROK had better “economic position and international status.” Many compatriots “recognize ROK as a motherland”, although some identifies themselves “with their country of residence.” DPRK government distinguishes “the compatriots from other foreigners.” ROK government has less structured special status, but South Korean people have “strong perception of ethnic consanguinity between Koreans in Korea and compatriots abroad.” (72) The economic globalization and sociocultural globalizations are highly correlated to each other. “The increase in the movement of capital and goods, market expansion, increases in the number of MNCs, growing manufacturing sectors, and FTA” brings economic globalization into South Korean culture (K. Moon, 148, S. Moon, 128-129). This economic globalization resulted labor shortage and introduced new groups of employees, women labors and migrant workers. The socio-cultural globalization is due to “technological development, flow of information, policy liberalization and media exchange” (K. Moon, 148). Also, it has popularized policy related to women’s human rights in the world (S. Moon, 128). The economic globalization positively impacts on migrant workers. Due to globalization, since the early 1990s, there…

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