Economic Globalization : A New Corporate Image Of Social Responsibility

792 Words Mar 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Economic globalization has shifted the focus to manage global organizations and economic markets while disconnecting them from the responsibility to the social interest of individuals. This book exposes how and why millions of individuals are acting to retrieve their civil and financial authority from discriminatory potency and offers a plan for reestablishing fairness and delving economic influence in the general public and communities. It outlines the damage that corporations have caused universally to our economic system, and the complexities of the structuring issues in corporate organizations. This book gives a wide-ranging analysis of the unlimited growth of global corporate power. With a new corporate colonialism coming from this, there is a loss of national control, trade, industry dependency, and continued conservation and social decline. The corporate goal of international consumerism is simply unsustainable without catastrophic social and environmental consequences. The forthcoming conservation uprising will require a new corporate image of social responsibility.
The first section, "Cowboys in a Spaceship," suggests that economies worldwide are on the route to a visibly unjustifiable future, where corporation’s decisions will not benefit everyone. Korten explores this further with the thought, “On the threshold of the golden age, these institutions are working for a fortunate few” (Korten 32). Though we are currently living in a notable time in history where…

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