Essay about Economic Factors That Shape Sports Presentation

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Economic factors are essential to the Superbowl 's growth both practically and ideologically with the increase in popularity, funding of the event and technology constantly developing there has been an increase in the quality of presentation, although distorting the live “true” experience of the Superbowl it remains a truly unique event. The Superbowl is funded by sponsorships, advertising and television revenue these all have varying effects on the televisual flow of it. The technology of instant replays, slow-mo, digital editing have lead to increased visual aural mediation not only in the multiple camera angles but the camera personal and production people who shape through their own artistic formula the presentation. There is many more factors other than economical and technological that shape sports presentation but that is not the focus of this essay rather the importance of an event whose advertisements, half-time show and sport itself are presented on a scale unparallelled in its annual regularity.
Technology and the Super Bowl are inseparable “In fact, using at least one major technological innovation for each new Super Bowl has become obligatory” (Mullen, 351). The development of a crane camera for intimate close ups, telestrator the visual chalkboard commentators use and perhaps the most groundbreaking development in NFL technology the instant replay are a few examples of this. Instant replays ramifications extend beyond solely the presentation into the…

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