New Deal Legacy

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The New Deal under President Franklin Roosevelt.
The New Deal was a very critical period under Roosevelt as the president of the USA and the period describes the set of the federal programs which were launched by the president in 1933 after he took office (Rauch, 2012) .The federal programs which were formulated and implemented during the new deal were used to respond to the repercussions or the calamities which occurred after the great depression. The New Deal program had some major goals which aimed at shaping the USA in different facets of development. Evidently, the New deal program led to the development of a very crucial legacy in the country which all the citizens were
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For instance, Roosevelt was highly interested in transforming the Democratic Party into a stable system or a coalition of farmers, industrial workers, liberals, intellectuals, the middle citizens and the African Americans. Basically, Roosevelt wanted to provide the citizens with the notion that the federal government would be involved in providing a sense of security to the Africans Americans. In addition, the new deal aimed at protecting the citizens from aspects of concern to liberalism and the modern capitalism. At the broader aspect, the mew deal program aimed at lifting the lower class citizens as well as the less fortune societal …show more content…
Research indicated that one in every four Americans was unemployed in the period between 193-1934(Rauch,2012).In solving the menace of unemployment, the new deal program was used in creating a number of very special agencies which were very critical in the creation of jobs for millions of workers in the USA.Through diverse employments opportunities, the wages of different workers was heightened and this was used by different families in saving huge sums of capital for disillusioned individuals. In addition, the new deal program allowed different workers to form some critical trade unions which were used as the basis of fighting for the rights of all the workers. In terms of infrastructure, Roosevelt through the use of the new deal program built different highways, hospitals, schools, homes and airports among other facilities. The overall success of the new deal program was achieved through the use of some common acts which included the banking act, the National Recovery Administration Act and the Housing Act among others. All these acts were formulated by Roosevelt in an attempt to facilitate the achievement of the goals as well as the objectives of the New Deal

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