Economic Development Of The Dominican Republic Essay

1929 Words May 21st, 2016 8 Pages
The following paper is oriented to explore why the divergence of a similarly sustained economic development of the Dominican Republic (D.R.) and Haiti. The fact that both countries share the same territory, but their economic development in recent days differs from one another makes this topic is highly important, since it can bring deeper insight about the different causes that can affect the economic development of a country. First, we will take a look at economic development or economic growth. Then, we will observe how education or the lack of such might affect such growth. Education as a factor will be evaluated as a possible cause for the differences in economic development between the two nations. It is important to point out the existence of other factors that might affect economic development, but many literatures have suggested that the aforementioned factor is one of much importance. It is also important to mention that, the research method to be used in this paper will consist of empirical background research, and would be done through comparison, analysis, and evaluation of information collected from the work presented by previous authors, and important sources such as The World Bank. As anticipated results a correlation between education and economic development is expected, and such finding would prove that education is a factor that influence economic growth. This paper will analyze education as a key factor that have been suggested to have an influence in…

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