Economic Development And Development Through Education And The Creation Of Jobs

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Senegal: Development
Senegal is one of the most stable countries in Africa. It falls into the category of a consolidated democracy, because of the three peaceful presidential turnovers it has undergone since independence. Strategic plans to increase development in all sectors of the country are underway. The main goals involve reducing social inequality and promoting local development through education and the creation of jobs. Financing their projects are national and international investors. The country is currently dependent upon foreign aid. Yet has a high rating for progressive development.
Since independence, Senegal has experienced periods of high levels of growth. Outstripping the efforts of many fellow West African countries (Senegal Overview, 2016). In the past few years however, the economy’s rate of development has stagnated. This halt in growth has spurred the government of Senegal to implement reforms, with the assistance of foreign agencies. International organizations such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, have worked to stimulate Senegal’s economy by improving free trade qualities. Such as increasing the management of economic activities by non-governmental powers. Which will liberalize Senegal’s economy. “Entrepreneurs continue to be bogged down by regulatory challenges and institutional shortcomings (Economic Freedom of Senegal, 2016.)” Therefore, major economic reforms must include decreased governmental presence in the market economy.…

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