Economic Development And Developing Countries Essay

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The countries of the world are built up of either developed or developing urban populations. If they are developed, then they are technologically advanced. They will have a well developed infrastructure; they can build new buildings and or renovate older roads, buildings, community centres, etc... This is because they have a strong tax base. However, developing countries; are still in the earlier stages of economic development, and they lack modern infrastructures due to their low tax base. Both developing and developed countries experience similarities and differences in their economy, society and environment.
Both developed and developing countries experience similarities and in their economy. Developed and developing countries go through a “financial squeeze”. A financial squeeze is when a country does not have enough tax money to pay for services that the city needs. This usually occurs when manufacturing industries move away from inner cities, and to suburban areas, usually because in inner cities, they cant spread out their factories, resulting in them adding stories. However, in the suburbs, they can have their factories spread out, with only one story. As these manufacturing industries move away from inner cities to the suburbs, they take with them the people, this result in a decreasing tax base. Similarly, in developing countries, their financial squeeze is similar yet different, due to the fact that they don’t even have a strong tax base to start off with, so most…

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