Economic Botany Is The Commercial Exploitation Of Plants By People

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4. Economic Botany Economic botany is the commercial exploitation of plants by people. Economic botany contributes significantly to anthropology, biology, conservation, botany and other fields of science. This link between botany and anthropology explores the way humans use plants for food, shelter, medicines, textiles and much more. Economic plants are defined as those plants utilised either directly or indirectly for the benefit of man. Indirect usage includes the needs of man’s livestock and the maintenance of the environment; the benefits may be domestic, commercial, environmental or aesthetic. Plant life is essential for the survival of all animals on earth, including man. Plants directly or indirectly through a carnivorous food chain, provide food and other life-supporting commodities. Man has always been dependent upon plants for the necessities for his survival, not only the three big Fs, Food, Fodder and Fuel, but also for medicines, fibres, chemical products and other commodities. Plants also plays a very important role in the environment as they are major contributors of oxygen in the environment as well as absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide and some of them also absorb carbon monoxide thereby helping to reducing the pollution levels.
5. The importance of plants and plant products to mankind Man’s dependence on plants for the essentials of his existence has been of paramount importance in his life since the human race began. Primitive man probably…

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