Economic Anthropology Essay

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De Stefani Caterina
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Research on the Tasmanians, the destruction of their people and their culture and the opinion of the English scientist of the Tasmanians in the 19th century?

Since the 60s of the XVIII century, the Aboriginal Tasmanians caught the attention of the scientific community due to their primitive characters and became the subject of studies of physical anthropology and paleoanthropology.
The Aboriginal Tasmanians were indigenous people of Tasmania which is an island slightly larger in size than West Virginia located 200 miles off Australia’s southeast coast. Tasmanians probably went there crossing a land bridge that connected the
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It is our great misfortune that the Black people of Tasmania bequeathed no written histories. All we really have are minute fragments, bits of evidence, and the records and documents of Europeans who began coming to the island at the end of 1642 with the arrival and intrusion of the first European Abel Jansen Tasman, the Dutch navigator after whom the island is named. On march 1772 a French exploratory expedition led by Nicholas Marion du Fresne lended on Tasmania and than there were some other almost unwarlike european expeditions including the first known peaceful British contact with Tasmanians on January 28, 1977 led by Captain Willam Bligh.
More extensive contact between Aboriginal Tasmanians and Europeans resulted when British and American seal hunters began visiting the islands from the late 1790s. The sealers established semi-permanent camps or settlements on the islands, which were close enough for the sealers to reach the main island of Tasmania in small boats and so make contact with the Aboriginal Tasmanians and soon trading relationships developed between sealers and Tasmanian tribes, for example hunting dogs, tea, tobacco and flour became highly prized by the Aboriginal people. However, also a trade in Aboriginal women soon developed and soon sealers engaged in raids along the coasts to

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