Economic And Social Consequences Of Human Trafficking In The United States

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The exploitation of labor has been a primary topic of discussion in globalization. Amongst the forced labor practices, women and children have become a commodity sought after and exploited through the sex trade. With increased mobility, globalization has created a high demand for the sex trade. Countries such The United States are primary customers in this trade. It is reported that the sex trade is a billion dollar industry that brings in $32 billion annually. The economic growth of this industry has increased as globalization has increased. In this paper I intend to show the economic and social outcomes of human sex tracking in the United States. The case study my paper is based on is Human Trafficking Into and Within The United States by …show more content…
Some of the common characteristics of that place women and children at risk for sex trafficking are poverty, age, education, lack of opportunities, lack of family support, abuse, health and mental challenges, and living areas. There has been a direct correlation found between the victims of sex trafficking and their social class. A person’s social class is directly related to poverty. Traffickers take advantage of the unequal status of women and girls in disadvantaged countries and communities, and capitalize on the demand for cheap, unprotected labor and the promotion of sex tourism in some countries (Aronowitz, 2001; Miller & Stewart, 1998). The higher the social class the less likely to be in poverty and sex trafficking. In the case study it says between 244,000 and 325,000 American minors are at risk of exploitation. And although this is just an estimate they expect the exact numbers to be higher. The correlation shows the relationship between runaway/throwaway minor and exploitation through prostitution. 71% of all runaway and throwaway are considered at risk for prostitution. Majority of these minors come from serve backgrounds. They come from poor and low income and abusive families. The abuse includes sexual, physical, and mental. It is important to note that this is not the case for all victims of sex trafficking but does account for a major part of them. Lack of family support or a person believing that they have no family is another contribution that is shown amongst these minors. These women and children usually always trying to escape

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