Essay on Economic And Political History Of China

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This research project will attempt to highlight the economic and political history of the world’s most populous country, China. A country that has written records dating back 4,000 years (Mark, 2012). Not only does China have a rich and cultured past, new changes in policy make this communistic country an interesting topic. Though China has developed faster in the past twenty years than any other period of time, it is still considered a third world or developing country.
I hope to be able to convey through my research not only the economic and political history of China, but also the environmental issues it faces, and effects Christians have had on the culture of China. I find it interesting how a country that was once ruled by an Emperor has found it’s way to becoming one of the largest communistic countries in the world. History shows us that the Qing dynasty, the last of the imperial dynasties, was not equipped to understand and adapt to modern ways of the Western World as more and more people took advantage of the trade routes China had to offer (Cienciala, 1999). As the impact of the Russian Revolution and Marxism took hold on China, it’s close borders with Russia made it easier for them to see the benefits of socialism as a means of preventing the conflicts caused by capitalism (Cienciala, 1999). As China develops it also faces the same environmental woes the United States did during our industrial revolution, the only difference, China has the world…

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