Economic And Agricultural Productivity : Educating Girls Essay examples

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1. Economic and Agricultural Productivity: Educating girls leads to increase income, both for individuals and for nations. Educating both boys and girls increases productivity and supports the growth of national economies, but educating girls may lead to greater income gains and this happens whenever girls get one extra year of education beyond the average it boosts wages by 10–20 percent. If young secondary school girls that get educated are up to 15–25 percent a term then the gains from additional education tend to be similar if not higher for women than for men, and that the returns to secondary education in particular are directly higher for women than the men (Schultz 2002). World Bank stated that increasing the share of women with a secondary education by 1 percent boosts annual per capita income growth by 0.3 percentage points. Which is a great advantage considering per capita income gains Nigeria will get (Dollar and Gatti 1999). Another example is that equality in education could have led to nearly 1 percent higher annual per capita growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa during 1960 to 1992. In terms of agriculture more productive farming due to increased female education accounts for 43 percent of the decline in malnutrition achieved between 1970 and 1995. These initiatives can be beneficial to the rise of Nigerian economy (Smith and Haddad, 1999).
2. Family Planning and Infant Mortality Rate: When women gain four years more…

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