Argument Analysis: Living With Less

The housing market currently, in my opinion is completely out of control. Aren’t you tired of paying so much for your rent? Don’t you want to stop paying someone else’s mortgage? Homeowner’s insurance, escrow balance, interest percentage, principal amount… so many different things you got to keep up with. I believe the solution lies within the concept of “Living with Less” (LwL). The “LwL” approach to life offers people affordable housing, the ability to become debt-free or minimize their living expenses, and the opportunity to leave a smaller ecological foot print on the Earth. Adopting the “LwL” philosophy will allow everyone to do their part to help maintain resources, be less wasteful, and ensure there is still enough for generations to come.

Americans collectively have had the same argument since the 1960’s. Pollution of the Earth, consumption of resources faster than they can be renewed, and the fact there is not going to be anything left for future generations,
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We must realize it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is; what matters is we must do something about it to ensure a future for our children, and grandchildren. The current trend is not working, and the “powers to be” have failed us all. Solutions and options now more than ever are what collectively should be the agenda. By adopting an “LwL” philosophy, and surrendering the attitudes which got us in trouble in the first place, we can begin to right the wrongs of yesterday. Finally, we can break the cycle of working hard for a lifetime simply to have nothing to show for it in the end. Maximizing our efficiency, by minimizing our wastes, can perhaps give us the chance to start living instead of just existing. What a world that would be huh? I hope that all of you can take something positive from this essay, and perhaps join me on my journey, to live with

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