Economic Activities and Health Hazards of Street Children in Dhaka City

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Economic Activities and Health Hazards of Street Children in Dhaka City
*Prof. Md. Nurul Islam Ph.D
ISWR,University of Dhaka
**Md. Saiful Islam
Lecturer, Department of Social Work
Asian University of Bangladesh Abstract:
The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of street life on the health of poor children who live and work full-time on the streets of Dhaka city. The prime objective of this study was to know the health hazards of street children, who live in the way of harm, and how these experiences and learning, can contribute more effectively towards the future actions for protection of street children. The methodology of the study is based both on primary and secondary data. After collecting
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The life of street children in Bangladesh is full of uncertainty. An official study of Appropriate Resources for Improving Street Children Environment (ARISE) says more than 1 million street children live in Bangladesh of whom 75% live only in Dhaka city. Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), 2005 report says that about 240,000 street children live in Dhaka city and the annual growth rate of street children is about 9%. Street children lack the rights to food, clothes, education, health and protection.
In a Country ranked 138th on the Human Development Index and where 50% of the population is living below the poverty line, these children represent the absolute lowest level in the social hierarchy in the world's most density populated nation. Nowadays the population in this country has also increased and the number of street children is also increased to four million commensurately.
Very few street children ever go to school. They take on jobs, often very hazardous, earning scarcely enough to live. Hazards include unsafe work on terminals, ferries; carrying hazardous and heavy goods; working unguarded machines; working in small factories, domestic work, forced criminal activities. They are also subject to sexual and violent attacks from employers, customers and others on the streets.
The present study has been planned to assess the demographic profile, socio cultural backgrounds, health status and occupational hazards

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